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Hexadec Converter

4.4 ( 944 ratings )
Geliştirici: Ola Samuelsson
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The Hexadec Converter apps main purpose is to convert from/to hexadecimal, decimal, and binary numbers in a very easy and straight forward manner.
Conversions become very simple when the three number formats are displayed at the same time.

Enter a number in any of the formats hexadecimal, binary, or decimal, and see the corresponding values immediately.

Signed and Unsigned numbers are supported as well.
Signed numbers are represented in binary two complements form.
The Mode button switches between unsigned or signed numbers, and also sets the desired word length to either 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit.

The Hexadec Converter also supports many basic arithmetic operations.
Unary operations that are supported are:
negate (NEG), invert (INV), swap (commonly used for endian conversions), reverse (REV), shift left/right, and rotate left/right (ROL, ROR).
Binary operations that are supported are: AND ("&"), OR ("|"), XOR ("^"), add ("+"), subtract ("-"), multiply ("*"), divide ("/"), and modulo ("%") (remainder).

There is also a memory register that is useful for storing intermediate results to facilitate longer calculations.
MS = Memory Recall. MR = Memory Recall.